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Search engine optimization in Professional SEO package is ideals deal, because it contain both on page optimization and off page optimization but it will not include content development, this package is mainly used by contracting companies with online presence.


Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

SEO Package RatesWe offers various effective solutions search engine optimization (SEO), The  SEO Rate or SEO Pricing is based on your requirements and your target market and keyword competition. The keyword competition is the main factor which effect pricing in search engine optimization (SEO), if your keyword is highly competitive then it might take more time before your site will start ranking for particular keywords. As our business practice no matter which solution you choose, we always deliver more than what we promise and we guarantee you will see results in very short period of time. We offer various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages designed after extensive market research, we also provide flexibility in SEO rates through customized SEO package.

Most Affordable SEO Rate & Prices :

SEO Package

$150 one time / $99 monthly
Affordable SEO Package Rate The Basic SEO package is the lowest in price, It is very effective for websites which are already developed and online for more than one year. Websites which does not require new content development, and also don't need on page optimization i.e. your website have contents and your keywords are not competitive. If you are a small business with less then 5 products or services and does not require optimization of all the pages this is the ideal package with best SEO rates.

Standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package

$400 one time / $99 monthly

Standard search engine optimization package is also very cost effective for web sites which are online/live for more than one year with some incoming links. Websites with keyword optimized contents and need off page optimization more than on page optimization. This package does contain basic on page optimization for less competitive keywords, the low price makes it valuable for small businesses with few services.

Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package

$1400 one time / $199 monthly

Affordable seo servicesSearch engine optimization in Professional SEO package is ideals deal, because it contain both on page optimization and off page optimization but it will not include content development, this package is mainly used by contracting companies with online presence. This is ideal package for independently owned and operated companies like real estate agents, general contractors and businesses operating in one city or state the price of professional seo package makes it ideal for website owners who want to compete with competitors in small geographical area in most cost effective manner.

Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package

$3000 one time / $450 to $750 monthly

This is one of the most requested SEO package because of extensive on page search engine optimization new content development with targeted keywords also is included in this, if a site is not designed as search engine friendly web site then this package can benefit in many ways then developing a new site. Advanced SEO package is designed for competitive keywords with low search volume. Many clients enjoy the low price on this specially the clients with high PPC cost because unlike pay per click advertisement this SEO campaign's results lasts for years.

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package

$7500 one time / $1000 to $2500 monthly

Competitive SEO RatesAs the name suggests this is high end customized SEO package for highly competitive keywords for e-commerce sites, real estate related sites having global competition. Enterprise SEO Package is recommended for big corporates, portals & MNC's. These sites require paid inclusion in high traffic web directories, link building, content development with online marketing i.e. banner promotion and creating brand recognition on internet. Many of the medium to large business clients enjoy this package because it is very cost effective then advertising online and offline. The results are impressive with enterprise SEO package, majority of the clients buying this SEO package had already tried several other SEO firms and had more than 20 highly competitive keywords with high search volume.

Customized SEO Packages (CSP)


SEO PackagesWe also provide Customized SEO Packages (CSP) for smaller businesses. Customized SEO packages provide you flexibility in your Search Engine Optimization campaign as we believe every web site is different and needs to have different web marketing strategies. A well planned customized SEO campaign drives dedicated customers to a specific business, if you know your target audience and if you want to drive the SEO campaign your way at affordable SEO rates then customized SEO is meant for your business. Contact us at contact at to build a customized SEO package for you.

  Link Popularity Package  
150 Web Directories   PR 0 Links - $ 1 per link
Submission To Quality Directories   PR 1 Links - $ 2 per link
**Status Reporting   PR 2 Links - $ 3 per link
Manual Submissions By Hand   PR 3 Links - $ 4 per link
Duration - 7 Days   *30-40 Links Per Month

*n+1 scheme -
n = Page rank of the link page
c = Cost in $ for each link
c = n+1
Example- If the client site's link is added on a PR 2 page then cost for that will be c = n+1 i.e. 3 $
** No guarantee will be given on the placement of client's link as the acceptance rate in directories is 70%-80%.
*** Note that the number of links collected per month depends on the nature of the site and other factors.

Why our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rates are so competitive?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rates are so competitive

Search Engine OptimizationAnswer is simple, we know what it takes to get top rank for a site in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. SEO is something we have been doing for years & enjoy a lot, so we don't have to put extra efforts like someone who is not so much experienced in Search Engine Optimization. Being Located in India we have added advantage of currency difference so we can offer very competitive SEO rates. Every web site is different and will have different needs when it comes to search engine optimization. This is why we need to do an analysis a website before we can quote SEO prices.
Major points which will effect SEO pricing are -

  • Competitiveness of Industry/Keywords
  • Age of the website
  • Technology behind the website
  • Content of the website
  • Sites Linking to your site
Based on the above we will provide you the most competitive SEO rates  & a customized SEO Package for your website. Please contact us or drop a mail on contact at about your website, industry & preferred SEO Package.

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